Saturday, December 24, 2016

2016 Sleeper Album of the Year Candidate | S.T.S. - Ladies Night

The WUW? crew has been steady on our "top albums of 2016" debate grind but it doesn't look like we will be finding consensus anytime soon.

This is partly because December keeps knocking us of task with surprises from some of our favorite artists - like Ladies Night from the 1/5 of the Money Making Jam Boys and frequent collaborator of the Legendary Roots Crew - Sugar Tongue Slim aka. S.T.S.

We know that y'all are eagerly awaiting our 2016 list(s) but we hope this little gem brings much holiday cheer while our albums of the year debate momentarily destroys the usually envious corporate culture that defines the WUW? organization!

Celebrating a season of beats, rhymes, and debates,

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chicago Hip Hop | Lando Chill - "Freedom" (Prod. DJQ)

Soundcloud and Bandcamp are the only music streaming platforms that we support with our streams, downloads, and purchases. Not that it makes much of a difference but this is our way to say "fuck your algorithmic forms of payola" to the music industry.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shut Up and Listen | Wordsworth x JSoul - Blame it on the Music (Album Stream)

Chicago Hip Hop | Ric Wilson - Soul Bounce EP

Chicago Hip Hop | David Ellis - Black Semester 2

Response to Macklemore | ANoyd - "Black Privilege" (Video)

#CincinnatiHipHop | Sleep - All Men Must Die ... But You First

Cincinnati Hip Hop | ProFound - Adrian Pierce Experience (APE)

Monday, July 18, 2016

International Genre-Bending Hip Hop | Nino Augustine x Anieshi Pearl - "Unarmed"

Check out the new genre-bending collaboration between WUW?'s favorite unsigned hip hop/soul artist Nino Augustine (Panama via New Jersey and Atlanta) and UK songstress Anieshi Pearl

Stream the new single "Unarmed" below and head over to the Facebook to check the visual.

Detroit Street Conscious Hip Hop | Helios Hussain - "8 Mile" (Video & Download)

"8 Mile" description from Helios's Soundcloud page:
"As both a video and audio single, '8 Mile' explores themes of personal frustration with the popularized obsession of what is truly an abhorrent, dystopian reality in ghettos and gangs, as popularized by acts like Eminem. 
The work acts as a statement, as if to say 'you may think you like these things, but let us show and tell you reality,' directed to the audience. 
The lifestyle Helios lays bare in this track leads to enslavement and deaths of a lot of young black men, as metaphorically depicted in the film's visuals, as well as calling for a renewed push against these plaguing stereotypes."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chicago Soul-Hop | New Album from Jamila Woods - HEAVN (Free Download)

Album description from Jamila's Soundcloud page:
"HEAVN is about black girlhood, about Chicago, about the people we miss who have gone on to prepare a place for us somewhere else, about the city/world we aspire to live in. 
I hope this album encourages listeners to love themselves and love each other. 
For black and brown people, caring for ourselves and each other is not a neutral act. 
It is a necessary and radical part of the struggle to create a more just society. 
Our healing and survival are essential to the fight."

Stream below and click here to download the album.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Understanding Systemic Racism: An Introduction

The United States is the only major Western European nation-state “that was explicitly founded on racial oppression[1]." 

For the first 350 years of American history (from 1619 when the first African slaves were purchased in Jamestown, Virginia until the last piece of Civil Rights legislation in 1968) racial oppression, in the forms of slavery and legal segregation, was legally protected. Stated in another way, explicit racial oppression has only been “illegal” for roughly 10% of our nation’s history.

The racist American system was created by powerful white men and continues to exist “because of the recurring actions of a great array of human actors, but especially those of powerful white decisionmakers.”[2] 

The ideologies of white supremacy and black inferiority were imbedded in the political, economic, and legal institutions. Throughout history, these institutions and their legitimating ideologies have served to protect the system of racial oppression and the wealth and privilege of the elite white males that created them and continue to benefit from them.

"Historically, most whites have not been content to exploit African Americans and other Americans of color and then to just admit candidly that such action is crass exploitation for their own individual or group advantage. Instead, white Americans have developed a strong racial frame that interprets and defends white privileges and advantaged conditions as meritorious and accents white virtues as well as the alleged inferiority and deficiencies of those people of color who are oppressed.[3]"

Hip Hop for the Revolution | Joe Budden - "Freedom"

Joe Budden took a break from beating up on Drake for a minute to beat up on white supremacy. 

Sometimes we need art in order to summarize all of those thoughts we are struggling to put down on paper and desperately attempting to communicate to white America. 

Joey connects all the dots of systemic racial oppression in this one video!

The Historical Continuity of White Racism in Public Discourse: Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and the Dallas Police Shootings

I'm sitting at Starbucks and over hear this convo:

Barista 1: "They are rioting in Dallas"

Barista 2: "What about"

Barista 1: "I don't know, black lives matter or something"
Barista 2: "Like, over that Minnesota thing"Barista 1: "Yeah they are rioting"

Ok hold the fuck up!

Y'all gotta to stop calling protests riots and acting surprised that a protest is peaceful! Like white folks are so surprised that black protests could be peaceful.

The legacy of civil protest by black Americans is a lesson in what civilized humanity looks like.

You cried when you watched Selma but all the sudden forget about all the videos of civil rights protesters getting the dogs unleashed on them, sprayed with fire hoses, and beat with clubs. Yet protesters demonstrated the highest order of humanity in the face of such violence.

Lest we forget ... King and the crew marched because of white terrorism - the lynchings, hangings, shootings, church burnings, brutal beatings, the destruction of black homes and businesses.

You are the same muffugas that would have been blaming King for the violence enacted against the protesters. Yet the dignity displayed the pursuit of true democracy and human rights. Black Americans have forced America to move towards its highest ideals (although we go two steps forward and 20 steps back).

Say it Loud... Fuck the Police! | American Patriotism in the Face of Systemic Racism

As an American citizen, the violations of civil liberties perpetrated by the Baton Rouge Police Department should enrage you.

Watch this video as the the military tank-like truck starts driving into the crowd Black Lives Matter protestors:

A brief thought for "We the People" to think on:

College Station Hip Hop | GQ Marley - "Quaalude$" (Prod. Platinum Pat)

Last week, GQ Marley (aka Your Favorite Nerd Rapper's Favorite Nerd Rapper) dropped a downtempo lyrical post-trap banger powered by the the newest third coast beat guru Platinum Pat. 

Marley & Pat have set the blogosphere on fire with this one. Quaaludes has already amassed over 4k streams on Soundcloud and the momentum is just beginning to build. 

"Quaaludes" can easily be interpreted as just another drug inspired addition to the molly raps that have flooded the hip hop scene. However, if you listen closely, you will recognize how the clever punchlines and vocal inflections of GQ compliment the ways in which Pat's beat evolves as the song progresses. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cincinnati Hip Hop | New Mixtape from the Space Invadaz (Donte from Mood & Buggs tha Rocka)

We have been been prophesying the coming kingdom of Cincinnati hip hop for years. 

Recently, it appears that the WUW? crew may be the Moses of this Nati New Testament and the extraterrestrial duo The Space Invadaz are preparing the path to lyrical salvation.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Diasporic Hip Hop from Nigeria to Detroit | Chisom. - Melo EP (Free Download)

Over the last decade, musicians and hip hop artists from Africa and across the diaspora have been fusing hip hop with traditional musical elements - infusing the hip hop game with a new energy, constantly challenging convention, and elevating the level of musical innovation. 

Cincinnati Hip Hop | Scribbling Idiots - Morning Mourning

Cincinnati Hip Hop | New Visual from the Space Invadaz - Phantom of the Opera ft Chuck Inglish

Check out the new visual from Cincinnati's extraterrestrial MCs Buggs tha Rocka & Donte from Mood - - The Space Invadaz

Time to get familiar!

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –
SoundCloud –

The Invasion of the Earth Bloggaz,

The Dark Soul of Hip Hop | Sonyae Elise - APESHIT [Short Film and Soundtrack]

Friday, May 13, 2016

Chicago Hip Hop and the Art of Painting Your Own Lane | Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book

The WhatUpWally? crew has been debating how to use our words to properly encapsulate this new Chance the Rapper project. However, it seems like a disservice to Chance's courageous use of color to draw beyond the reductionist categories of hip hop, jazz, gospel, and funk to then use these categories to explain his fusion-istic accomplishments. 

Descriptions and categories be damned, Chano is not just rapping in his own lane but has actually been constructing a new tollroad. 

As of yet, Kendrick, Lupe, and Kanye are the only mainstream hip hop artists that have freed themselves from the normal music traffic jam and granted a Chance toll tag. 

Of course, the kids from Chicago - Alex Wiley, G'zus Piece, Tree, Mick Jenkins, and Donnie Trumpet & Vic Mensa (and their lane destroying group Kids These Days) - have been part of this new highway construction team. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seattle Hip Hop | Raz Simone - Trap Spirituals

We are a little late getting this one posted and for that we apologize. If you aren't up on Seattle's Raz Simone, it is about time you get familiar. 

Stream the project below and hit up HNHH for the free download.

Blogging from the Trap Office,

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Funkier Soul Side of Hip Hop | Anderson .Paak X The Free Nationals (Live on KCRQ)

Spotted @ Okayplyer

Hip Hop from Sudan to Brooklyn | Oddisee - ALWASTA (Free EP Download)

New release from Mellow Music Recording Artist and one of the WUW? crew's favorite MC/producers - Oddisee.

Oddisee, the Sudanese-American hip hop double threat, released ALWASTA a few weeks ago (we apologize for the delayed posting, we've been slipping a bit). 

ALWASTA is full of all the classic boombap beats and "rewind to to hear that line again" lyrics that we've come to expect from the man battling at the frontlines of hip hop innovation & nostalgia war! 

Stream below and click the download button for the free download.

Blogging from Cincinnati to Texas and Worldwide,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cincinnati Hip Hop | Space Invadaz - "Gun Show"

The WhatUpWally? office was pleasantly surprised when our newest intern, Jessica from Toronto, opened her mailbox to an email announcing the first Space Invadaz release through Javotti.